Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diversity Sources: Increased Student Enrollment

Diversity Sources - Quotes
By: Monica Solis

Source: Lorissa Navarro
Major: Speech Pathology
Classification: First-year graduate student
Occupation: Student
Hometown:San Diego, TX

Question: How has the increased student enrollment impacted you as far as riding the bus to and from campus - which bus do you usually ride?

Answer: "There's a lot more standing up in the bus rather than getting to sit down. I feel like the buses don't come around as often and when they do, they're always full so that doesn't help. I'm on the Wonder World bus and it seems like there's less buses available."

Question: Do you think the university should continue to grow, and if so with what provisions if any?

Answer: "I think it (university) should (grow) but just maybe continue to provide transportation that can help with that growth."

"Hopefully there will be a better way to get more funding now with the students."

Source: Abby Moore
Age: 20
Major: Sociology and Psychology
Classification: Sophomore
Occupation: Nanny, student worker for Student Involvement department at LBJ Student Center
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Question: As a student, how has the increased student enrollment affected you?

"There's absolutely nowhere to park. Even for going to places on campus like the rec center, or if you're getting food, lines are super long."

Question: So you're noticing there's a lack of space for everyone?

"We do have the space to grow, we're just growing a lot faster than I think construction can keep up with."

"Construction is insane because Texas State is realizing how big they're getting and just putting a ridiculous amount of construction projects up, so that's been getting students going. We can't walk in certain areas so we're now we're being forced to navigate only through the campus - I think that's really annoying."
Question: How has the increased enrollment affected things here at the student involvement department - do you see student organizations growing or new ones being formed?


"People come in to campus and are like 'I literally don't know anyone and I want to make friends,' and I'm like 'awesome, we (student involvement) can get you guys involved!"

"There are 38,000 people and I'm sure you can make a community with a group or handful of them. I think that's a really, really positive twist to a growing campus."

"This is really a college community. Within one and a half to two miles from here, there's all student housing, dorms, and apartments. Even though it is like 40,000 students, it does feel small and we're all here together. That's why I chose here instead of U.T. or A&M. It's a good central location, to not only be involved in college and have that sense of community, but also go and explore other places like Austin or San Antonio."

Source: Luke Salas
Age: 19
Major: Sound Recording Technology
Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Question: Did the size of the university influence your decision to come here at all?

Answer: "Not really. I like it here, it's big enough and I don't know any different. I don't mind the size."

Question: What is your main mode of transportation to and from campus? Has the increased enrollment affected that at all?

Answer: "I ride the Wonder World bus. My apartment (bus stop) is the first one to get on, and first one to get off, so it's not really affected me directly but I'm sure with other people it could be a problem."

Question: What are some of the advantages or disadvantages you connect to the increased student enrollment?

Answer: "The university may be accepting more students than it can handle at its current rate."

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