Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diverse Sources exercise

Quotes collected by: Helen Wang
Source Name: Taylor Bessner
Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Age: 22

Question 1: How do you feel about Texas States 18th consecutive year setting enrollment record?
"I think it is remarkable what Texas State has accomplished over the years. I am lucky to be enrolled here."

Question 2: How has the increase affected you?
"Uh the traffic sucks! There's no where to park, ever! There was a line all the way up the street to LBJ I had to skip class because I couldn't park."

Question 3: Do you wish for the increase to continue to grow?
"Yes it's a positive impact for Texas State University and the growth of the community. It clearly means that I'm at a great school and other people are noticing how great Texas State is as well"

Question 4: Does the increase in class sizes affect you negatively or positively?
"I think it's more overwhelming being able to see that everybody wants to get the same job as you after graduation. It gets kind of scary thinking about all the people taking your class throughout the week and how competitive it is."

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