Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diverse Sources exercise

Quotes Collected by: Helen Wang
Source Name: Cheryl 
Year: Senior
Age: 22
Major: Public Relation
Hometown: Austin, Texas

Question 1: How doyoufeel about Texas States 18th consecutive year setting enrollment record?
"It's a mixed feeling I like it how Texas State is growing because it means that the university is getting better and that everyone wants to attend here, but I also don't like how it's so big now because classes are bigger and getting around campus is a little more difficult due to the growth in population."

Question 2: How has the increase affected you and do you wish for the increase to continue to grow?
"It hasn't really affect me and yes I wouldn't mind if my campus continues to grow."

Question 3: What is one complaint if any that you have of the growth?
"The trams are getting a lot more crowded than before, I feel like if a campus is growing so much over the past years then Texas State should respond by providing more trams."

Question 4: Is the tram your only source of transportation to campus?
"It's my preferred transportation. I have had to drive to campus multiple times this year because it's been too crowded and I didn't want to be late by waiting for the next bus."




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