Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diverse Sources Activity

Quotes collected by: Chris Rainford

                                                               Source: Conner Herriges

Identifying information about source: Senior, Computer Science Major, Detroit, Human Intelligence U.S. Army, received disability, utilizes wheelchair

Question 1: Has the larger population impeded your access to facilities:

yeah. Yeah umm particularly the access ramps, in particular the pedestrian bridge between LBJ and the science engineering bldg., there's one ramp and it is barely wider than my chair, and it is on a tilt, and I cant go up and down the ramp when people are, because they don’t want to use the stairs”

Does that delay you from classes, do you arrive late.

Uhm well its annoying. And I know that not all these buildings are only for physical so I don’t want to call people out. But if there are a group of people using the ramp Ill holler out don’t use it, it has in the passed cost me time for class.

Is weather ever an issue when you work through the crowd?
Yeah one of the biggest things is rain makes it difficult to stop and as people use the ramps I hit them, they keep coming and I cant stop.

Are you ever nervous about larger crowds,  not being at head level
I have issues with crowds anyway, I'm a vet, PTSD issues, people don’t look down, looking at phones, so a lot of times people are looking over my head and that becomes an issue.

                                                                Source: John Halliday

Junior, Electrical engineering, Fort Worth, 25, Ruptured ACL

How has the record breaking enrollment affected you. Is it pretty tough to get around
It was at first, but they help me out, I'm able to go through handicap areas. Through the libraries so I dont have to use the stairs here. Ive gotten used to using the crutches so its gotten better.

Have you noticed the increase since years past?
I was here 3 years ago and it does seem rather busy. Especially in the library.

Do you have any problems using the stairs or the ramps?

If I want to get somewhere faster I use the stairs, but I start sweating and smelling. The stairs do kinda suck, it would be better if it was a flat campus. I use the ramps too, no one really gets in my way. 

Do you commute? Any problems getting on the buses
Yes.The buses are hard, really high first and high second step, gotta really hop on one leg on each one.

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