Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diverse Resources

Quotes Collected by - Travis Tyler
Sources - Jessica Long & Whitney Palmer
Both Seniors
Both in Bachelor of Science in Recreational Administration

For the 18th consecutive year we've had record breaking enrollment for freshmen, how has it affected you personally?

Jessica - Well i was a transfer, this is my second year here, but i can tell a big difference, There are a lot more freshman on campus and it's way more hectic, there's a lot bad drivers in San Marcos, and you can tell if they're freshman, its been a lot busier on campus. Especially with the bus stops, and the library computers, you can tell there are a lot more freshman

Speaking of driving around town, since there a more freshman they've been expanding with all the construction, has that hurt you in anyway?

Jessica - "Its hard when you're trying to be on time"
Whitney - "I mean the campus is really good at letting us know about the construction, but its just frustrating when you're in a hurry and you don't check your email, and the road is closed or something."

With the new construction they changed the bus routes all around, do you find yourself leaving earlier to be on time?

Jessica - "Yes, i have to wake up early, i have to wake up two hours before my class starts which is crazy.

Do you think that the university should continue to expand?

Whitney - "i think honestly in the long run it'll be worth it, but then again it's annoying because we wont be the class that gets the new stuff. So yeah it would be worth it for the future classes, it;s just a little frustrating when it's not for us."

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