Thursday, March 5, 2015

University Enrollment Skyrockets

By Emily Ballard

SAN MARCOS -- Texas State University has experienced increased enrollment for the 17th consecutive year, and has impacted students’ commute to and from campus.

Enrollment has increased 3.5 percent from last year, with 36,700 students for the start of the 2014 fall semester. These figures have made the university the fourth largest in Texas, according to a university press release from President Denise Trauth.

The increase in enrollment has caused congestion on buses and parking on campus.

“Parking sucks. Especially for commuters and not wanting to ride the bus at night,” said Katherine Olesen. “The bus system is overcrowded.”

Other students have complained about there not being enough busses for the long routes they take across town.

“The bus system could be a little bit better tailored around the population growth because there are too few busses running at peak times,” said junior Chad Petrouski.

It’s not just the busses that are getting over crowded, it’s also the parking lots. Even on the weekends, campus gets crowded with commuters coming to utilize campus sources, and parking becomes an issue.

“The worse part is the traffic. I have a parking pass, but it does not guarantee I will get a parking spot,” said senior Noelle Dy-Tuzaon.

The university has continued to grow with 5,365 incoming freshman in the fall of 2014, according to a press release from Jayme Blaschke.

“Personally, I don’t think the university should grow. I think Texas State should change its requirements and make it just a little bit harder for people to get in,” said senior Alexandria Woodward.

Students have found it pointless to spend money on a parking pass just to get to campus and not be able to find parking.

 “I didn’t even get a parking pass this year, just because you still cant find a place to park,” said senior Trent Richter.

“I mean growth is never a bad thing, but they do need to get more parking spaces or stop growing,” said senior Chad Key.

The 2014 fall enrollment report, this is the 17th consecutive year that student enrollment has increased, according to a university press release from Jayme Blaschke.

 Woodward and Key, along with many others, are in agreement that the university needs to make adjustments to accommodate quickly and adjust to the rapid student growth.

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