Thursday, March 5, 2015

Students unable to sign up for classes due to increased enrollment

By Adam Rejino

SAN MARCOS – An increase in student population is making it more difficult for students to enroll in classes they need in order to graduate.

With a 3.5 percent increase in student population from one year ago, enrollment is now over 36,700 students, according to a university press release from President Denise Trauth.

Duncan Lott, marketing major, said, “There are a lot of classes that I tried to enroll in and they were already full by the time I tried to enroll. That actually had a big effect on me. It’s not fun.”

Although not all students are affected by class sizes, the issue is continuously growing.

Chase Key, criminal justice major, said it has not been too difficult to enroll in classes, however, he knows people who have had problems and cannot get into classes. 

Malaika Hall, criminal justice major, has experienced numerous issues with signing up for classes.

“When I woke up early for registration classes were closing and closing… I would just get so stressed out, because some of the classes I wanted and waited for I couldn’t register for because they would close so quickly,” Hall said.

In addition to lower level classes, this issue is also present in upper level classes.

Danielle Sanders, exercise and sport science major, said, “As a senior I couldn’t sign up for a class I need to graduate and now I have to take that class in the summer and will graduate a semester later.”

Students are becoming vexed in addition to a lack of classes because there are also not enough various time slots for them to enroll.

“I think there needs to be more, especially for people like me who also work,” Sanders said.

In addition, although some students have not necessarily had trouble getting into the classes they need, another issue arises where students may not be able register for the professor they initially preferred.

Trent Richter, criminal justice major, said, “Luckily, I’ve still been able to get into the classes I needed. It just may not be with the professor I want.”

Because classes are becoming more difficult to enroll in, some students do not want the university to expand unless these population problems can be solved.

Alexandria Woodward, education major, said, “Personally, I don’t think the university should grow… This town isn’t big enough for this capacity of students.”

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