Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rise in enrollment puts limitations on parking and shuttle space

By Brenda Gutierrez

SAN MARCOS- Texas State University’s rise in enrollment has caused many students to express frustration over parking and campus shuttle.

The university had a record enrollment of 36,790 students for the 2014 fall semester, according to a press release from University News Services. Due to the continued high enrollment students are limited in parking.

“I guess parking has affected me the most since it’s bad. There’s nowhere to park ever. Even in the off hours parking gets really bad, people take them up,” said Cedrick Cradle, a sophomore at Texas State. “Now that commuters are allowed to buy green passes that just limits the on campus parking.”

Commuters are also having issues with congested parking on campus. With the rush of new students each year parking prices and traffic are increasing.

“The worst part is the traffic. I have a parking pass, but it does not guarantee I will get a parking spot,” said senior Noelle Dy-Tuzaon.

Brittany Baker, English major, also a commuter expressed her irritation with parking permits.

“I parked at my old apartment complex. I live in Austin, but the commuter-parking pass is too expensive for students. I already have gas to pay for,” said Baker.

Without a secure spot and parking permits ranging from $100 to $500 dollars, students are becoming concerned.

“I have a purple pass. Basically, if you’re not here at 7:20 AM, you won’t get a spot,” said Ian Vernon, a criminal justice major.

However, that is not the only problem students are facing with the increase in enrollment. Students also voiced their issues with the campus shuttle system.

It's mostly affecting me at my bus stop. I can never get on the first bus and if I do I am standing and squished between two other people,” said senior Alexandria Woodward.

 As a result of a rise in admission, Shayna Middleman, a nursing major expressed her view on the university’s growth.

“I think that it can continue to grow, if they help the people who are already currently enrolled. Don’t make us suffer because you are growing, accommodate us," said Middleman.

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