Thursday, March 5, 2015

Record high student enrollment affects on campus parking

By Jasmin Carranza

San Marcos - With the increased student population in Texas State, students are facing more problems than added foot traffic on campus. Many students are feeling the impact of this student increase in campus parking and university shuttle transportation.

According to the Academic Affairs Enrollment Management and Marketing web page the university has reached a record enrollment of 36,739 students in fall 2014. That's a 3.4% increase since fall 2013.

When asked about main concerns with increased student enrollment, Ian Vernon said he was most impacted with the parking situation on campus. Vernon said, "I have a purple pass. Basically if you're not here at 7:20 a.m. you wont get a spot."

Sophomore Cedrick D. Cradle says that the parking problem will only get worse now that commuters are able to buy green parking passes and take up more spots on campus.

Students are also being affected with the time it takes to find parking spots on campus. Devonte young said it takes him "approximately 10 minutes within a paring garage and sometimes even longer depending on which day of the week it is."

Commuters are not the only ones affected by the increased student population. Students who live on campus are also feeling the parking pressure.

Freshman Shayna Middleman lives in Blanco Hall and can't park next to her dorm anymore because the school is in the process of constructing another residence hall to accommodate the increase in the number of students.

"It has been terrible. I'm paying a lot of money for that parking pass and I have to drive around for like 10 minutes to get a spot and half the time I can't even get a spot" said Middleman.

Maryellen Miller who lives at Falls Hall says that she does not park at the garage for her dorm "because Falls, Sayers, and Blanco Hall all share one parking garage and there's never any spots."

Shuttle transportation around campus has also become an issue with the student boom.

"The Texas State buses are incredibly packed and there's never rom on there" said Chase Key.

Danielle Sanders added "sometimes the bus is full and this has made me late to my classes."

For more information on parking on and around campus visit the Parking Services web site.

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