Thursday, March 5, 2015

Parking becomes major issue for Texas State students

By Megan Lopez

SAN MARCOS -- As enrollment continues to expand, the increased population has caused problems for students regarding parking. A number of students show concerns with the pricing of parking permits and lack of spaces. 

Texas State has reached a peak enrollment of 36,739 students, leading to a 3.4 percent increase from the year before, according to the fall 2014 University final enrollment report

The dramatic increase has had an affect on many students including music education major Cedrick Cradle, especially when it comes to finding a space to park on campus.

“I guess parking has affected me the most since it’s bad. There’s nowhere to park ever. Even in the off hours parking gets really bad, people take them up,” Cradle said. “You are never guaranteed a spot but if you go to one of the commuter lots you may have to walk a while but there will be a spot if you get lucky."

The growth of the student population is thought of to be a positive thing for Texas State according to early education major Amanda Wood, although she also agrees that it leads to problems regarding parking.

“I think that the growth at Texas State is really good for us and it brings more attention to the school, but I think we need more parking to accommodate for the growth and population here.”

As for criminal justice major Devante Young, he had an idea that would help deal with the crisis and make transportation and parking a lot easier for students.

“(Texas State University) should expand parking in different areas outside of San Marcos and create ‘park and rides’ which will condense the traffic, make finding parking more convenient and traveling a lot safer,” Young said. When looking for a spot on campus to park Young said it takes “approximately 10 minutes within a parking garage and sometimes even longer depending on which day of the week it is.”

Marketing major Duncan Lott, shared a similar negative experience with parking and as well as the cost of how expensive the parking passes are.

"I’m not all that wealthy, so I have to get the perimeter parking pass. I park over at Strahan and even that’s halfway full. I usually park on the other end of Strahan. It’s a major pain and I don’t like it. I always have a spot, but it’s not ever a good spot," Lott said. “Just how expensive it is to get a halfway decent parking spot. That just bugs me."

Most parking permits range from $115 to $485 depending on what type of permit you get, according to student parking services website.

These high parking prices have had a major toll on junior exercise and sports science major Michael Comer.

“Parking is next to impossible and has cost me a lot of money.”

For English major Brittany Baker, she commutes from Austin and tries at all costs to avoid purchasing a parking pass.

“I live in Austin, but the commuter-parking pass is too expensive for students. I already have gas to pay for.”

For additional information regarding pricing of permits or other parking concerns be sure to visit the Texas State parking services website.

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