Thursday, March 5, 2015

Increase enrollment has developed parking issues among the bobcat family

By: Samantha Vasquez

SAN MARCOS- While the student enrollment for Texas State University continues to increase, parking for current students becomes problematic.

According to the university press release, the university has surpassed a record breaking enrollment of 36,700 students and is expected to increase next year as well.

Parking permits for Texas State range from $70 (motorcycle fee) to up to $500 and students that have been battling to find a parking spot deal with the frustration financially. Exercise and Sports Science Major Michael Comer is one of the many who feel that parking is very difficult to find with the increase in population at the university.

“Parking is next to impossible and has cost me a lot of money,” Comer said.

Nursing major Shayna Middleman is another student is which has dealt with the struggle in finding a parking spot and has been financially affected.

“I live in Blanco and right next to my dorm there was all this parking and it was awesome, but now they are building another hall because there will be more students so they decreased the parking,” Middleman said. “I’m paying a lot of money for that parking pass and I have to drive around for like 10 minutes to get a spot and half the time I can’t even get a spot and they are worried about extra students when I'm already paying for this parking.”

Chabria Hines, first year and a nursing major at Texas State, has too noticed the parking situation. Hines deals with the situation by parking in a different location.

“I park on Mill Street because it’s cheaper” Hines said. “Falls, Sayers, and Blanco hall all share one parking garage and there’s never spots.”

Trent Richter, criminal justice major, is dealing with the problem by not buying a parking pass and avoiding the hassle to fight for a place to park.

“I didn't even get a parking pass this year, just because you still can't find a place to park most of the time,” Richter said.

Chase Key, criminal justice major, feels like the university should accommodate the campus needs in order to adjust to the increase in enrollment.

Key stated, “I mean growth is never a bad thing but they do need to get more buses, more parking spaces or stop growing.”

Students may be able to visit the campus website to get more information about Parking Services on campus.

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