Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crowded parking lots and limited buses

By: Erica Gauthier

SAN MARCOS— The growing population is making transportation to campus nearly impossible for Texas State students.

Last Monday, students expressed their concerns about the overpopulation issues and discussed the limited parking spots and space on buses 

According to a press release from Texas State President Denise M. Trauth, the university set an enrollment record for the 17th consecutive year, enrolling 36,790 students for the 2014 fall semester.

The buses are causing students to continuously be late to class. In attempt to solve the bus problem, students turn to parking passes. Spending almost two hundred dollars and not being guaranteed a spot is the risk many are taking.

Chase Key, junior criminal justice major, says he takes the Ranch Road 12 bus and waits 25-30 minutes at his bus stop.

“The Texas State buses are incredibly packed and there’s never room on there and there’s no parking in commuter lots,” Key said.

Alexandria Woodward, senior education major, is among the students who gave up on the bus system and bought a permit instead. She says the overpopulation and influx of new students is mostly affecting her at her bus stop, Blanco River.

"I can never get on the first bus and if I do, I am standing and squished in between two other people,” Woodward said.

Chad Petrouski, 22-year-old junior, also rides the Blanco River bus and agrees with Woodward.

“The bus system could be a little bit better tailored around the population growth because there are too few buses running at peak times,” Petrouski said.

An increasing amount of students who live within close vicinity to campus are purchasing commuter parking permits, preventing commuters from San Antonio and Austin areas to find parking.

Noelle Dy-tuzaon, senior anthropology major, says she commutes from Austin and the worst part about her commute is traffic.

“I have a parking pass, but it does not guarantee I will get a spot,” Dy-tuzaon said.

Students are also having problems affording parking permits. Commuters are taking up parking spaces at apartment complexes and in addition, taking up space on those residents’ buses.

Brittany Baker, 22-year-old English major, is a commuter from Austin and is one of the many students experiencing this problem.

“Today, for example, I parked at my old apartment complex. I live in Austin, but the commuter parking pass it too expensive for students,” Baker said.

Cedrick Cradle, sophomore music education major, agreed with most students that parking is affecting their transportation to campus the most.

“There’s nowhere to park ever. Even in the off hours, parking gets really bad. People take them up. Now that commuters are allowed to buy green passes that just limits the on campus parking,” Cradle said.

If any students would like to voice further concerns or need additional information, the Texas State parking services website is available.

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