Sunday, February 22, 2015

The very adventurous Adam Rejino

By Adam Rejino
Adam Rejino on a birthday celebration in Austin, TX.
Photo by David Evans.
 San Marcos - Adam Rejino, who is now known for his very extravagant and diverse escapades, was not always living this lifestyle.

Adam, who is the son of Richard and Mona Rejino, was born and raised in Dallas. As a child Adam was taught piano by both of his parents. He then became involved in baseball, which he played for many of his childhood years.

Seeking adventure and new experiences, Adam joined Cub Scouts in the second grade. Ultimately, through many hours of hard work and many weekends of campouts, Adam received the rank of Eagle Scout in 2011.

Upon reaching middle school, Adam grew tired of piano and decided to shift his natural music ability to cello where he won many various awards until he made the decision to quit after
his senior year of high school.

Through high school, Adam worked at Pender’s Music Company as a sales associate.  After graduating high school, Adam attended Collin College where he continued work at Pender’s in addition to receiving an internship at one of his favorite companies, Bang & Olufsen. At Bang & Olufsen, he sold high priced audio and visual products and learned the true meaning of luxury. Adam is now a student at Texas State University where he is studying mass communication in advertising and has a freelance job as a social media marketer.

Through his many diverse experiences, Adam now seeks adventure in many different ways. He is an avid cliff jumper and always looks to have a good time by having very long and eventful days in the city nightlife. 

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