Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Super duper fly, Travion Harmon

Travion in Austin Texas. Photo taken by Demarshon Wilson
San Marcos --Travion Harmon, born and raised in Houston Texas is a 21-year-old junior studying mass communications at Texas State University.

As of January 2015, Mr. Harmon has been employed by Mpact Cable, a local upcoming and growing business where he sets up new accounts for customers seeking new cable connections.

Travion is an aspiring producer and song-writer so whenever he is not in school or at work, he is positioned in front of his piano keys where he works long hours through the night to produce quality music.

Along with music, Travion also loves his fashion!  He enjoys spending his weekends in Austin Texas where he thrifts and search for the latest trends.

After graduation, Mr. Harmon plans to peruse his dream and invest all of his time into producing and song-writing while also working for 97.9 the box.

Regardless of what obstacles he will have to overcome, Travion is a firm believer in God and knows that as long as he is by him side, anything is possible. 

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