Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Diverse Sources, Interview 2

Quotes collected by: Francesca Neely-Dickey
SOURCE: Eric Dittmar
Identifying information about source: Eric Dittmar, senior, pharmacy major
Question 1: How does the transportation at Texas State personally affect you on a day to day basis?
“It takes a lot of time just going back and forth from campus to the parking lot.”

Question 2: Did you have to adjust your schedule or lifestyle to suit the way Texas State has their transportation set up?
“There is nowhere nearby unless you pay.”
“I have a commuter pass, but I live in San Marcos.”

Question 3: Has this affected your classes or your performance in class?
“Oh yeah, it affects my classes if I am running late.”

“It’s very hard to be on time.”

Question 4: So you live in San Marcos but you have to buy a parking pass?
“Yes, I live off Wonderworld but there is no transportation nearby.”

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