Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quotes collected by: Elisha Colip
Source: Shayna Middleman
Identifying information about source: Freshman (sophomore by credits), nursing major

Question 1: The University had a record enrollment of 35,568 students last year and is expected to have a record or near- record again this year. How has this increased enrollment affected you?

“It has been terrible. I live in Blanco and right next to my dorm there was all this parking and it was awesome, but now they are building another hall because there will be more students so they decreased the parking. I’m paying a lot of money for that parking pass and I have to drive around for like 10 minutes to get a spot and half the time I can’t even get a spot and they are worried about extra students when I'm already paying for this parking. It is not cool."

Question 2: Do you think the University should continue to grow?
“I think that it can continue to grow, if they help the people who are already currently enrolled. Don’t make us suffer because you are growing, accommodate us."

Question 3: What kind of accommodations do you think would help?
“There is space right behind Blanco, can’t they just put more parking please.”

Question 4: Did the size of the university influence your decision to come here?
“Yeah I wanted to be at a pretty big school because I wanted the college experience. Another thing that made me want to come to Texas State also is because it was close to home and I like the river!”

Question 5: Do you feel like Texas State is an overall good school, with the accommodations it does have?
“Yeah I feel like other than the things I’m complaining about not many people would. Like yeah I’m getting an education and the foods good so I’m not complaining."

Question 6: Do you feel like the dining halls are ever overcrowded?
“There are multiple things I could complain about. First of all sometimes the staff is very rude, and I understand that sometimes we are college kids and some are rude to them, but I feel like I'm always nice saying please.”

Question 7: Do you think there are any huge positives to having a ;arguer student population?
“With more students coming in and more money we have gotten new busses, which is awesome because the others were hot with no ac and the city is getting more money so the constructions suck, but everything is going to be new. It is nice, but with more students Apartment rent is going up."

Question 8: Why do you think that is?
“More students, they can charge more because there is more competition. Also San Marcos is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. So of course the prices of everything are going to go up it is going to get really popular. Along with tuition getting more expensive."

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