Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Francesca Neely-Dickey is a photographer from Austin

Photo courtesy of Chauncey Neely-Dickey

Francesca Neely-Dickey was born in South Austin, Texas. She values arts and photography above all else, but is also interested in marketing and Public Relations. You may view her photography here.

Her middle name is Blue because she nearly died of suffocation when she was born. This is a direct result of her being 11 pounds. 

Neely-Dickey is Francesca’s last name. People often ask her questions about it or give her strange looks for it. Her parents didn’t want to give up either of their last names, and that is all she can say.

Neely-Dickey currently works for four different clients doing social media marketing online. Neely-Dickey loves this job, but her clients drive her into insanity. It appears to her that a Public Relations major is more like a license to deal with people.

She also enjoys nature and taking hikes on new trails in the United States. She hopes that one day she will be able to hike to Pacific Coast Trail along with the two other cross-country trails in the United States. She is hoping to take a road-trip to the Redwoods National Forest this summer. Along the way, she hopes to visit some of the several beautiful state parks in Arizona and New Mexico. 

Neely-Dickey is interested in working with people and traveling. She will be happy pursuing any career that allows her this. So far, online marketing has granted her the freedom to live and travel where she pleases as long as she has a computer and a Wi-Fi connection. 

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