Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Melanie Chalupa Chills

      photo credit: Kathryn Macchia 

SAN MARCOS- Melanie Chalupa was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Chalupa is currently a sophomore mass communication student pursuing a degree in public relations with a minor in psychology. 

Chalupa has always enjoyed being outside. When she visited the Texas State University campus for the first time at age 15, she knew San Marcos was where she needed to be. Some of her favorite activities include: kayaking, hiking, camping, making fires and venturing. 

Aside from outdoor activities, Chalupa holds a strong interest in music. She regularly attends Bonnaroo as well as exploring other festivals. Chalupa enjoys festivals because they offer a large array of music an art, which Chalupa feels is often under appreciated. Chalupa listens to all genres of music; her favorite band changes from day to day, but she is really into the Alabama Shakes right now.

Professionally, Chalupa is in the works of finding an internship for the summer. Although her area of interest is concentrated in public relations, she is hoping to find an internship in the Austin area in any mass communication job. Chalupa appreciates any sort of experience, and feels that working in other mass communication fields will be beneficial in the long run. She hopes to have a large span of expertise by the time she graduates. Aside from her current hunt for an internship, she currently does the social media for her favorite local band, Canvas People. Check out the Canvas People's instagram to see some of her recent work and keep up with the band.

After graduation, Chalupa hopes to get a job doing public relations for bands. However, she is open minded to working in other fields until she lands her dream job! 

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