Sunday, February 22, 2015

Megan McGee, design enthusiast and southern belle

Megan McGee walks to class. Photo by: Kourtney Kelly
Megan McGee is a Richardson, Texas native who graduated from Richardson High School in 2012 and is expected to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in spring of 2016.
She developed as a young artist in the Richardson Art Magnet Program and National Art Honor Society in high school. Once she completed high school, she moved to San Marcos, Texas to attend Texas State University.

During her first two years of at Texas State University, she studied architecture and interior design.
In the second half of her college career, she began studying mass communication. She designs websites, develops content and applies statistical analysis. 

Accomplishments and hobbies
She has been awarded with the “Texas B-On-Time Loan” and the “Choctaw Nation Excellent Student Award.” 

Two of her favorite hobbies are doing yoga and cooking with natural ingredients. She has practiced three styles of yoga and has been to eight different studios since she was 14 years old.
“At first, yoga was a way to correct my scoliosis, but now I do yoga to re-energize and align my body,” McGee said.  

In addition to doing yoga and cooking natural foods, she has written a blog about the differences between organic and non-organic meat products.
Go to her blog at to learn more. 

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