Sunday, February 22, 2015

Megan Lopez is capturing life through a camera lens

Megan Lopez takes a photo while on the way to campus.
photo by: Megan Lopez
SAN MARCOS- Megan Lopez is a 21- year-old student at Texas State University. Currently she is a senior at the University and plans on graduating with a major in Mass communication/electronic media and with a minor in media studies.

After graduation Megan hopes to get her masters at the University of Southern California and then move back to Austin and work for a radio or news station as a videographer. Eventually she hopes to one day start her own photography/videography business based in Austin.

Megan is currently working at the Texas State radio station, KTSW 89.9. Her current position there is working as a videographer for the news department. Most of her work so far can be found on the KTSW website or on their YouTube channel. 

As for other ways of staying busy, Megan enjoys drawing/painting and hopes to start selling some of her current paintings and also begin to take in request for people who are interested in buying some artwork. Megan also enjoys playing volleyball and making videos not only for KTSW but for fun on YouTube. Although, out of all her hobbies the one she loves doing the most is playing the ukulele. She started playing a couple years ago and has continued playing since.

Megan continues to keep her mind open to new opportunities and experiences as they come. She will take advantage of any problems or obstacles put in her way in order to succeed in accomplishing her primary goals.

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