Sunday, February 22, 2015

Juliana Darner wants you to laugh

Darner says a reluctanct goodbye to her beloved Daizee.
Photo taken by Juliana Darner.

SAN MARCOS- The young Juliana Darner, who turned 21 just last September, is devoted to making her time in San Marcos count. Her beliefs are that so many things in life are destined to bring you down, but keeping your head up and the negatives away is pertinent.

Darner is looking forward to a hopeful future in the broadcasting industry, which is why her major at Texas State University is Mass Communication with a focus in Electronic Media. Her life goal is to own her own radio broadcast station abroad.

Darner is the kind of person that likes to keep things light. Her main goal when she meets people is to make them laugh, which is why she would love to start her career off working at Buzzfeed or a media group that utilizes its comedic elements.

Darner is a dog lover to the extreme. Her current favorite is Daizee, her three year-old Shar-Pei that her family adopted one year ago. Her social media accounts are littered with the pup, and the dog-obsessed owner has no shame for her love.

Another aspect of Darner’s life that is a passion is music. A far-fetched dream she has is for millions of people to hear her sing. She also has an affinity for watching live music performances.

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