Sunday, February 22, 2015

Erica Gauthier, Jersey girl living in Texas

          By: Erica Gauthier

SAN MARCOS-- Erica Gauthier is a junior at Texas State University majoring in advertising and minoring in business administration.

After graduation, Erica wants to work at GSD&M in downtown Austin to gain experience, then eventually she would love to start up her own agency.

Erica currently works at The Gristmill as a server, which is the second largest restaurant in Texas. The restaurant can seat almost a thousand customers at a time and has about 200 servers who include all her closest friends and boyfriend.

Two years ago Erica's family decided to move to Texas away from her entire family and all her friends.

The main reason for this big move was so Kelly, Erica's sister, can have a better future. Kelly was born with Turner's Syndrome and is mentally challenged; Erica's parents needed to find an answer for her, and Texas was it.

Growing up with such a special sister is how Erica acquired this passion to help and be around special needs kids. Erica volunteers for the Special Olympics every chance she gets, and all throughout high school instead of taking gym class she volunteered and worked in the special needs program.

The beach is where Erica feels at home.

Aside from the beach, Erica loves to spend time with her family and friends, be outdoors, travel, and play sports.

The good news is, Texas was the answer for Erica as well. She has never been happier and feels she is finally HOME.

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