Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Diverse sources interview

Quotes collected by: Sam Isenberg
Source: Trent Richter
Identifying information about the source: Trent Richter, Senior, age 22, from Thrall, Texas, Student, criminal justice major

Question 1: How has the increased enrollment affected you?
"It's tough to get the classes that you want. Luckily, I've still been able to get into the classes I've needed. It just may not be with the professor I want."

Question 2: How did the transition from a small high school to a big university affect you?
"It really wasn't bad. This university isn't too big or too small as far as enrollment, but I do think it has reached its limit before it starts to get overcrowded."

Question 3: Do you want to see the enrollment continue to grow?
"It can get crowded at times on campus. I think right now the enrollment is at a good number. I don't think it needs to raise anymore."

Question 4: Do you like the class sizes?
"Most of mine are between 30-70 students. My first year, I had a class with nearly 400 students, and I just do not like those big classes."

Question 5: Has the size of the school affected the way you get to campus?
"I didn't even get a parking pass this year, just because you still can't find a place to park most of the time. I think the buses are doing as good as they can."

Question 6: Has the amount of people affected your ability to find an on campus job or internship?
"It seems like there is not enough internships for the amount of people in the criminal justice program here at Texas State."

Question 7: Have you noticed the growth of the university since you first got here?
"You can tell there has been an increase in students since I first got here."

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