Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Diverse sources interview

Quotes collected by: Quixem Ramirez
Source: Duncan Lott
Identifying information about the source: Duncan Lott, 20, marketing major

Question 1: Texas State had record enrollment last year and is expected to reach that level next year. How has it affected you?

"I don’t feel like its affected me very much, because I live off campus so the giant influx of freshman doesn’t affect me much. I’m not on campus much, so I don’t think it affects me very much at all."

Question 2: What about class sizes?

"There are a lot of classes that I tried to enroll in and they were already full by the time I tried to enroll. That actually had a big effect on me. It’s not fun."
Question 3: Should the university continue to grow?

"As long as they build themselves to be well adjusted for that kind of growth. If they are not prepared for that growth, I think they should slow it down."

Question 4: Considering what you’ve seen with parking and class sizes, do you think they are well adjusted?

"Parking — not even close. Class sizes — I mean, they have enough seats for 35,000 but it could be a lot better. I don’t think they are well adjusted right now. I think in a few years we’ll be caught up, work through some kinks and we’ll be prepared."

Question 5: When you’re built on a hill, how should you adjust to 35,000 students in one area?

"I don’t know how you do it. There is some open areas around that don’t have any development. You can build more buildings for more classes, more parking."

Question 6: I want to go back to parking. What’s your experience with it?

"I’m not all that wealthy, so I have to get the perimeter parking pass. I park over at Strahan and even that’s halfway full. I usually park on the other end of Strahan. It’s a major pain and I don’t like it. I always have a spot, but it’s not ever a good spot."

Question 7: What’s the most frustrating thing about parking?

"Just how expensive it is to get a halfway decent parking spot. That just bugs me."

Question 8: Did the size of this university influence your decision to come here?

"I think it did. It’s a pretty big university, but it’s not huge. It has a bunch of amenities and a big college, you have a bunch of choices feel. But it’s still kind of small to where the professors care about you personally. That’s what I liked about the size of the university."

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