Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Diverse sources: bus system

Quotes collected by: Megan McGee            
Chad Petrouski
Junior, age 22, from Eagle Pass, Texas, Student, French and urban and regional planning (geography) double major

How has the increased enrollment affected you?

“It hasn’t affected me directly, especially as I have gotten into my own little niche around here.”

How do you see the university growing?

“I can see it by all the new buildings built around campus.  I read in a newspaper that they are building a hotel or something for people visiting. I would imagine that’s just because of the population. San Marcos can’t handle it.”

Which bus route do you take? 

"Blanco River."

How has the bus system affected you?

The bus system could be a little bit better tailored around the population growth because there are too few buses running at peak times.”

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