Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Diverse Source Interview

Quotes collected by: Maryellen Miller
Source: Brittany Baker
Identifying information about the source: English major, Age 22 female
  • Hometown: Coupland, TX.

Question one: How long have you been attending Texas State in San Marcos, and have you noticed a change in population on campus/in the city?”
“Yes! I’ve been here for about three years and there’s been a big increase in the number of students in my classes.”

Question two: What has been the most of an annoyance to you personally – parking, available housing, finding a job, or getting into the classes you need to take?
“Trying to get a job here was definitely the hardest part. I spent about five or six months looking for a job in town before I started searching in Austin. Which is where I work now. I know parking is becoming a bigger and bigger issue too. But, honestly I’ve never bought a parking pass, so that’s never really affected me.”

Question three: You said parking doesn’t affect you, is that because you take the bus to campus everyday?
“No. Today, for example I parked at my old apartment complex. I live in Austin, but the commuter-parking pass is too expensive for students. I already have gas to pay for.”

Quotes collected by: Maryellen Miller
Source: Chabria Hines
Identifying information about the source: Nursing major, Age 18 female
  • Hometown: Houston

Question 1: Do you live on campus?  “Yes, I live at Falls”

Question 2: Do you take the bus or walk to class then?
“I park on Mill Street because it’s cheaper.”

Question 3: So you don’t park where you live? Why?
 “Because Falls, Sayers, and Blanco hall all share one parking garage and there’s never spots.”

Question 4: Although it’s your first year here, but have you had any negative or positive experiences dealing with the number of students?  “I had a math class that I felt was poorly taught because it was one professor and hundreds of students. It was college algebra in the Alkek teaching center”

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