Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Diverse source interview

Photo by Nicole Kukla
Quotes collected by: Nicole Kukla
Source: Noelle Dy-Tuzaon
Identifying information about source: Noelle Dy-Tuzaon, senior, Anthropology major

Interview with Texas State University student about how the growing amount of students has impacted her attending the university.

Question 1:Do you drive to campus?

"I commute from Austin to campus."

Question 2: What is the most difficult part about driving to campus, and do you have a parking pass?

"The worst part is the traffic. I have a parking pass, but it does not guarantee I will get a parking spot."

Question 3: Should the campus continue to grow, and has it limited your opportunity to register in your required classes?

"The increase in campus size could give the university the opportunity to create new, and different classes. When I was taking my basics classes were harder to get into, because everyone needs to take them. As a senior, I do not have those difficulties anymore."

Question 4: Did the size of the university impact your decision to attend here?

"Yes. It is cheaper than UT."

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