Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Diverse source interview

Quotes collected by: Ashley Garcia
Source: Malaika Hall
Identifying information about the source: Student, junior, criminal justice major

Question 1: Has it been hard for you to get the classes that you want?
“Not this semester, but last semester and the previous semester (it was). When I woke up early for registration classes were closing and closing. And they were just (classes) for my major—my major is criminal justice.
I would just get so stressed out, because some of the classes I wanted (and) waited for I couldn’t (register for) because they would close so quickly.

Question 2: What about your freshman year, was it difficult trying to register for your basics?
“It was smoother. I guess I overthought it and overstressed it. It was easy to get into the groove.”

Question 3: Do you think that the university should continue to grow?
“I feel like if (the university) can have the amount of space and room for (a large) amount of people here, then yes. If not I feel like it will be a problem for the current students and the incoming students, because we would basically be overpopulated and it would be harder for students to register for classes and just do basic things. There’s not a space for people to continue to grow.”

Question 4: Did the size of the university influence your decision to come here?
“Not really. My brothers (came) here and graduated. My cousins (came) here, and I figured this is where I wanted to go. The size was a plus, but this is where I wanted to go anyway.”

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