Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Diverse source interview

Quotes collected by: Melanie Chalupa
SOURCE: Danielle Hewitt
Identifying information about source: Danielle Hewitt, Senior, Anthropology major.

Interview with student about the recent increase of students and the impact it has had in regards to on campus living and transportation.

Question 1: Do you drive to campus?
“I drive and then ride the bus.”

Question 2: In recent times, have you had a problem with finding a spot or space on the bus?
“Oh yeah, there’s a giant problem finding spots on busses and parking.”

Question 3: Of the two, parking and space on the bus, which do you think is the bigger problem?
“Right now, parking.”

Question 4: Some students have to wait for another bus, because there is no room on the first bus. Has that ever happened to you?
“That has, when I used to just ride the bus.“

Question 5: What do you think the university could do to improve the issue of increasing students and a steady amount of parking spaces and busses?
“I think they just need to start implementing more busses in the areas that need it. Especially the campus loop because it doesn’t start until like 10:00 o’clock when classes start at like 8 o’clock. “

Question 6: I know last year some students, who were freshmen, couldn’t live in dorms because there was not room for them. Do you think campus is handling the management of all of these new students poorly?
“I kind of do because while they do not have enough housing for the freshmen, their solution this semester was to tear down a parking lot in order to do it (make dorm room for future freshmen). A lot of the students here, we have a high majority of veterans here who are coming back to school, and that drive in; we need those parking lots.”

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