Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Diverse Source Interview

 Michael Comer photo by Jasmin Carranza

Quotes collected by: Jasmin Carranza
SOURCE: Michael Comer
Identifying information about source: Michael Comer, junior, exercise and sports science major

Question 1: The University had a record enrollment of 35,568 students last year and is expected to have a record or near record again this year. How has the increased enrollment affected you?
“It has not, but the parking has.”

Question 2: How as the parking situation affected you?
“Parking is next to impossible and has cost me a lot of money.”

Question 3: Do you usually take the bus to class?
“If I have a class past 8 a.m. I take the bus, if I have an earlier class I drive myself.”

Question 4: What bus route do you use?
“I live at U Springs so I take the Aquarena bus. Sometimes I stand and watch four or five buses go by.”

Question 5: Should the university continue to grow despite the parking problem? "Yes."

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