Monday, November 24, 2014

Bollywood at Texas State

By Meliah Macon

San Marcos- On the night of Nov. 17, Texas State’s Student Association for Campus Activities, or SACA, held a Bollywood night event with the Indian Student Association in the LBJ Ballroom.

Decorative mobiles hang at the entrance.
Photo by: Meliah Macon
Many students were lined up outside the ballroom at 8 p.m. waiting to experience Indian culture on Texas State campus. Once the doors opened, students filed in and were greeted at the doors by members of SACA dressed in traditional Indian grab, such as saris, and colorful Indian mobiles of fabric shapes, such as elephants, hanging from the door frames. 

The event offered free henna tattoo art, a taste of an Indian food called samosa, photo op area with a few traditional articles of clothing to try on, and an interactive dance performance.

“I hope that they [students] pretty much embrace the Indian culture like trying the food. We wanted to bring something to them so that they know that Texas State is a diverse place,” said freshman Esha Mohammed, a member of SACA that was serving samosa.

One freshman in a long line for henna was there because she saw a poster in her dorm about the event and had been curious about the culture.

Students wait in line for henna.
Photo by: Meliah Macon 
“I've never been exposed to the Indian culture before…I like how it is very colorful and the music is very lively and they seem like really nice people,” said Adriana Lopez.

There seemed to always be quite a line for henna throughout the event. When it came time for the dance performance, the line for henna was moved to outside of the dance floor which was in the center of the room. The dancers were to girls that were part of a dance group at University of Texas in Austin and traveled down to San Marcos to perform that night.

Aubrey Barber receives henna.
Photo by: Meliah Macon
Henna area.
Photo by: Meliah Macon

After the performance, the dancers invited anyone who wanted to join to the dance floor to learn a dance that they had prepared to teach everyone. The girls broke down the dance into simple steps and would add on a bit more after performing it altogether. Quite a few people came to the dance floor to try out dancing in Bollywood style.
Dancers from University of Texas performing.
Photo by: Meliah Macon

Valerie Gonzalez- Vega, event coordinator for SACA, planned this event for the Texas State campus after experiencing Indian culture through people she met in Austin and after attending the Diwali event put on by the Texas State Indian Student Association.

“I went to the Diwali put on by the Indian Student Association, just fell in love and wanted to do something similar in my own way,” said Vega.

She and other members of SACA hope that Texas State students can engage themselves culturally and be aware of events happening on campus.

“Definitely keep up with SACA via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. We put on a lot of different stuff and something we’re trying to gear towards is more cultural stuff, like Bollywood,” said Vega.

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