Wednesday, October 8, 2014

University Expansion Demands Attention

By Mary Barrett

SAN MARCOS- The student population have continued to increase rapidly causing parking spaces to become more limited than ever before.

Last fall, Texas State University announced an enrollment increase bringing the total amount of students up to 35,568, a dramatic increase since 2012.

According to the University Star an article posted April 3, 2013, safety is a concern when it comes to late night transportation. The time at night when the buses have stopped circulating, students involved in extracurricular activities have limited ways to return home. 

If students wish to avoid getting ticketed or taking a dangerous walk home, they have to pay the lofty price of $115 for a perimeter parking sticker, or more depending on the varying levels of permits.

Hayley Spicer-Kendall photo by Jessica Weiss
"I am a transfer student actually, so the increase has not affected me,” said Hayley Spicer-Kendall. “However, I do see and hear how it has affected others...with parking there is never enough space.”

 According to an article posted January 30, 2014 in the University Star, the residential students are buying the commuter passes because of the cheaper costs of a perimeter permit. This has left a vast majority of residential spots open while the commuter lots remain full. 

There have been several recommendations made to Parking Services; however it could take a considerable amount of time before any major changes happen. 

Students can bypass the parking system by taking the university tram system, but the tram has been repeatedly shown to be unreliable.

Brianna Jennings photo by Shey Fleming
“I don’t think they need more shuttles, but I think they need to make the schedule times for the tram work better,” said Brianna Jennings. “Sometimes you’ll get like, two busses back to back, and sometimes you’ll be waiting out for the bus forever and you have to worry about being late.”

For more information about parking contact Parking Services at 512-245-2887 or email


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