Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Texas State shuttle, armpit to armpit

By: Carlos Marquez III

SAN MARCOS - Students who commute to campus often struggle to find a seat on the shuttle buses due to surplus of student enrollment.
The enrollment record was set at 35,568 students in the fall 2013 semester and reached a new high this fall at 36,700 students. The growth in population of the school and San Marcos has caused many problems, including overcrowded shuttle buses.
Students depend on the Bobcat Shuttle to get them to and from campus.

“In the afternoon, it’s really hard to get on a bus,” said junior Brianna Jennings. “There’s a lot of pushing and shoving and the buses always have everybody standing up.”

The university’s transportation services have been struggling for a period of time, according to an April 17, 2013 University Star article. It also states that enrollment has seen a growth rate of 30.1 percent over the past decade.

“We don’t necessarily need more students,” said fourth year student Megan McCann. “I think we are getting close to crowded.”

According to an April 17, 2013 University Star article, removing the Interurban routes from the Bobcat Shuttle’s services was a step in the right direction but the larger enrollment combined with the intense congestion of traffic and construction has made semesters hard for students commuting on the shuttle.

“When I go back to my car [from campus] at 6:00p.m., then it’s crowded,” said junior student Rachel Thigpen. “You have to wait and the bus is already full. Everyone is jammed together.”

In previous years, officials have promised to address the growing enrollment problem, but the university hasn’t accommodated for the growing population.

Putting a cap on enrollment is the best plan for the university, according to a September 24, 2014 University Star article. Raising the standards for admission and evaluating students more closely would help solve the crowdedness of the shuttles and of the university.

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