Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Struggles rise as university enrollment grows

By: Jessica Weiss

 SAN MARCOS- While enrollment at the university increases every year, traffic and parking issues continue to be a problem for students who commute.

 Campus enrollment set a record for the 17th consecutive year with 36,700 students, according to a fall 2014 university press release.

 “I don’t think I have ever been to a college that has the parking situation under control,” said junior Wes Clary.

 Student opinions on campus vary in regards to how much this increased enrollment affects them on a day-to-day basis. Freshman, Esperanza Estrada, said she hasn’t felt the effect of the growing population.

 “I haven’t really noticed that it was overcrowded,” Estrada said.

 However, junior Andrew Minehart, a commuter, said the increased enrollment has had a negative effect on traffic.

 “I drive to the lot by the coliseum,” Minehart said. “It is a hassle getting home from class.”

 Parking on campus has also been an issue for students.

 “I commute now and it has gotten harder to find parking close to where you are going on campus,” said senior Chris Murray.

 Spaces to park are constantly being taken away and rearranged due to construction on campus, according to a university star article. Students have to adjust accordingly when arriving at school. Sometimes, commuters such as Murray are forced to park farther away than they would like.

 “I have to basically get here early in order to get a parking spot and make it to class on time,” said Murray.

 “There will always be the issue of construction taking away parking spaces,” said Stephen Prentice, assistant director of parking services, in a University Star article. “Until the dust clears and we don’t have to open and close lots, it’ll be a constant struggle.”

 While freshman Warren Stoddard doesn’t have issues with commuting, he said the growing size of the university is deteriorating the natural beauty of San Marcos.

 “Personally, it does not affect me,” Warren said. “But it only looks bad on the city.”

 Junior Kelly Phan said university growth is not a bad thing, but “the community just needs some time to adjust.”

 To view updates on construction or parking on campus, visit the Texas State website or call parking services at 512-245-2887.

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