Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Population Growth Affects Student Commute

By Alexandra Ruffo

SAN MARCOS- With an increase in population, students are being forced to fight for a spot on the Bobcat Shuttles to get to school, or move closer to campus to avoid a daunting commute.

In the fall of 2013, a record enrollment of 35,568 students was set, according to a university press release.  The increase has helped to diversify the campus, however, now highlights some major problems.

Preliminary enrollment fall of 2014 topped 36,700 students. This number indicates a 3.5 percent increase from a year ago, according to President Denise M. Trauth.

Junior Brianna Jennings said her biggest issue with the increase in students has been the lack of room on the shuttles to and from school.

“In the afternoons it’s really hard to get on a bus”, Jennings said. There’s a lot of pushing and shoving, and the busses always have everybody standing up. I feel bad for the people who can’t get on.”

For senior Megan McCann she has relocated each year she has been a Bobcat to make her commute easier.

“I’ve lived off campus the past three years”, McCann said. Every year I’ve moved closer and closer to campus… you lose like a good hour trying to get to school. I have 8 AM classes and I have to wake up extra early (to get a spot on the bus).”

Transportation Services advises students to arrive early to avoid a capacity overload. They warn that if you arrive 10 minutes there is no extra time allotted in case of route changes, suspended service, or bad weather.

When asked if the university should continue to grow junior Rachel Thigpen believes the growth can be positive, but may need to be handled differently.

“Education is really important, but they need to fix the problems,” Thigpen said.

The university has added an alternative transportation tab to its Bobcat Shuttle page its main website. Through this tab students are able to learn more about different means of transportation to and from school such as carpool matching and Zipcar.

Although these services do not fix all problems associated with the growth, the added alternatives are an attempt to make life as a college student just a little bit easier.

To find out more about Transportation Services and the best ways to maneuver around campus with continued growth visit: www.shuttle.txstate.edu.


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Megan McCann – no email provided, collected by Carlos Marquez III

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Brianna Jennings – no email provided, collected by Shay Fleming

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