Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Parking and the community suffer from enrollment

By: Lea Del Bosque

SAN MARCOS-An increase in student enrollment occurred leaving many students in tight situations. With the rapid increased population students have become concerned with parking as well as the beauty of the community.

With a population consisting of 36,700 the university has continued its expansion by building more dorms on campus. But with the interest of expanding campus living the university has neglected to provide parking to accommodate the larger number of students.

“I do see and hear how it has affected others.”  Said Hayley Spicer-Kendall.

As a transfer student Spicer-Kendall did not have a comparison but she was concerned about how many people park at the apartment complex lives at, stating people get towed for not having a residential sticker or visitor pass.

Parking has even been an issue for those who have recently moved out of San Marcos and to the surrounding communities. Those who commute such as Chris Murry are challenged with finding parking spaces near the area they need to be located the nearest to.  

Murry finds it difficult to find parking close to where he needs to be on campus due to the lack of parking available to students.

Parking spaces not aligned with the number for students on campus, not only make it difficult for the student but also the community.

When it comes to the community of San Marcos the university has grown over the years and construction on campus and off campus are being conducted.

“Personally it does not affect me, but only looks bad on the city.” Said Freshman Warren Stoddard.

Warren strongly opposed to the idea of the university expanding although it does not have a personal affect on him.

Warren Stoddard previously worked for the city of San Marcos for a year and expressed his feelings about the community and its natural beauty deteriorating due to the over population of students.

“ I think it’s a combination of the large number of students as well as the constant construction taking place in the city,” said senior Jessica Jimenez .

If the construction and the student population were under control parking as well as the city’s viewing would be looked at from a more positive aspect.  

The university continues to grow causing both a positive and negative view for the locals.

The parking service office is available at 512-245-2885 or you can email parking@txstate.edu for any questions regarding parking availability on campus and is able to share what is not considered on campus parking. 

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