Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Campus Parking outnumbered due to high population

By: Jessica Salas

SAN MARCOS- Parking on campus becomes the biggest difficulty with the record student population.

Texas State provides 9 parking garages and has 13670 spaces, according to State of Texas University parking rates comparison but with a population of 36,700 students, it is becoming difficult to find parking.

Commuters are the ones having the most trouble with parking, as Senior Chris Murray explains that now that he commutes it has gotten harder to find parking close to where he is going on campus.

“I have to basically get here early in order to get a parking spot and make it to class on time," Murray said.

According to a university press release, for the fall of 2013, Texas State had a record-setting enrollment of 35,568 students and it marked the 16th consecutive year the school has set a new record of enrollment.

From a recent update from President Denise M. Trauth, now the population has increased by 3.3 percent from the year before so it is topped at 36,700 students.

“This new high in student enrollment demonstrates that Texas State continues to be a leading university in the state, and that students and their families recognize our institution offers both an outstanding educational experience as well as an exceptional value,” said President Denise M. Trauth.

What this means with the high population is that with limited parking it has also affected nearby student complex according to Elementary education major, Hayley Spicer-Kendall.

“People try to park there and they get towed. Everyone tries to park there instead of paying for parking permits,” said Spicer-Kendall.

According to parking services, there are no perimeter lots closer to central campus because space and geography limits the amount of parking specifically for on-campus residents and faculty/staff therefore commuters have to park in the perimeter lots and use the Tram system to access central campus.

For concerns or information about parking call Parking Services at 512.245.2887 or e-mail to parking@txstate.edu

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