Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why Mary "Kaitlyn" is like Taylor Swift

By Mary Barrett

Kaitlyn Barrett, 22, and single.
Photo by Brianna Carlin
Mary Barrett prefers to go by her middle name Kaitlyn. So, I will speak in the third person with "Kaitlyn". Kaitlyn "doesn't know about you, but she's feeling 22". Her birthday was this past Tuesday and her boyfriend, well she doesn't have a defined relationship just yet, (it's not Facebook official). The closest Kaitlyn has come to commitment has been a mention of him on Twitter. So, her roommates call him her boy-toy. Kaitlyn's boy-toy asked to be exclusive after the third date, and Kaitlyn wasn't ready for that. Kaitlyn has commitment issues due to past relationships and being scared of the unknown. Kaitlyn "goes out on too many dates, but she can't them stay". But, to her surprise her boy-toy has stuck around for 5 weeks letting her take her time.

After the long summer of numerous dates on Tinder, Kaitlyn was on the verge of giving up on dating and boys. Her roommates don't understand why Kaitlyn hasn't made it official with her boy-toy because they think he's a keeper. But like Taylor Swift, Kaitlyn has to get rid of her past dating demons and "Shake it Off" So someday Kaitlyn "can have her prince, she can be the princess" and have her "Love Story".

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