Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bobcats plan to take over the Media Capitol of the World

by Alexandra Ruffo

SAN MARCOS - Students hoping to gain further experience in the field of media plan their first ever Big Apple Tour.

Bobcat Promotions, founded in 2006, offers a slice of the real world as well as an opportunity of a lifetime to meet public relations professionals in New York this January 4th - 9th.

Run by Senior Lecturer Charles Kaufman, Bobcat Promotions is a student run public relations firm which continues to expand capabilities as well as clientele as the marketplace grows.

"It's not like the olden days when journalists were journalists," Kaufman said. "You have to have more tools in the tool box."

Kaufman plans to give his firm those tools by heading to New York to meet with Ogliv PR firm as well as the New York Mets, and Stephan Dujarric the deputy communications director and former spokesman for Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the UN.

Students will also be able to mingle with alumni in the area during a special Happy Hour Program where they will be able to pick the brains of former Texas State students now working in the media capitol of the world in all fields including fashion, music, and the hospitality industry.

Kaufman plans for the trip to be comprised of around 17 or 18 senior level members of Bobcat Promotions with the trips cost coming out to about $600 each.

For more information about the organization and the Big Apple Tour visit, bobcat or contact faculty adviser, Charles Kaufman.

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