Monday, September 29, 2014

Imani McGarrell pursues higher education through experience

Imani McGarrell is a 20 year-old Journalism junior at Texas State University. She is currently debating whether to stick with journalism or make a switch to public relations. Imani believes that journalism is a growing field, not a dying one but she is concerned about the possibility of being poor for the rest of her life behind a love of journalism.

Imani is from McKinney, Texas. She and her family have called McKinney home for 14 years. Imani has three siblings--an older brother, a younger brother and a younger sister. Imani and her family have lived in many different places including Houston, Dallas and Sweden.

Imani's mugshot for the Star. Photograph taken by Madelynne Scales.

Imani attended McKinney High School and was a member of the marching band. During high school Imani took several photojournalism classes but was too shy to join the yearbook or journalism groups. Thankfully, Imani gained self-confidence when she moved to San Marcos and started attending Texas State.

Imani currently works at the university's student run newspaper, The University Star. She started working at the Star her sophomore year and has enjoyed every minute of it since. At the Star Imani is learning valuable skills about working on a deadline, time management and being part of a team.  By writing for the opinions section she has learned how to develop strong, clear voice in her writing. She writes both columns and editorials, and plans to learn many more skills such as editing audio clips and Photoshop before her time at the Star is over.

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