Monday, September 29, 2014

Diverse sources

Warren Stoddard
picture by: Lea Del Bosque
Quotes collected by: Lea Del Bosque
Source: Warren Stoddard
Source information:
Warren Stoddard
19 years old

Question: having over 35,000 recorded last year, do you believe the University should continue to grow?
" I think it is to big for San Marcos and it is deteriorating its natural beauty."

Question : What do you believe the enrollment on the university has done to the city of San Marcos?
"The quality of the town is deteriorating. I know of a project that was going to start for a building going up being 9 stories high, the height would be 5 stories above what the Texas State Star is."

Question : Did the original size of Texas State University influence why you decided to attend?
" The size was not the reason why i choose to come, I worked for the city for about a year and later decided to come to school."

Question : Do you believe the enrollment has effected you personally, if so how?
"Personally it dose not effect me, but only looks bad on the city."

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