Monday, September 29, 2014

Diverse sources - Trafic

Quotes collected by: Mathew Guerra
Source: Jessica Jimenez
Source information:
  22 years old

Question 1: The University had a record enrollment 35,568 students last year, and though they have not released this years numbers they predict that they will have yet another record enrollment. How do you think the student population increase will affect the traffic flow in San Marcos?

"I think it will greatly increase the traffic in the city. Even though I do not drive My friends often help me get around the city which can often be a hassle."

Question 2: Since you do not drive and have to rely on other means of transportation, how does traffic effect your travel around the city and campus?

"Traffic greatly effects how I get to and from classes. I have evening classes which I am late too because the bus I take is slowed down by the evening traffic that happens as most classes are let out."

Question 3: Do you directly attribute the traffic in town to the increase of students?

"I think its a combination of the large number of students as well as the constant construction taking place in the city."

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