Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dean Garcia the "Dean" of sports

Dean is the only child born to Rick and Bernadette on August 30th, 1992 in Houston, Texas. Dean attended Katy High School and played golf, lettering his last three years. He now attends Texas State University.

Dean played all sports growing up baseball, football, basketball, soccer and playing golf starting his freshman year of high school. He quit football the day before his freshman year to play golf, Dean's first official round was 136 and by his senior year he was shooting in the 70s. Dean's first love is baseball being it was the first sport he played it was his best sport, he finds way to try and stay involved in some form of baseball playing in city softball leagues.

Dean's love for sports hasn't dwindled since going to college and not playing sports officially anymore, he know works for KTSW in the promotions, sports and social media departments covering all Texas State sports and local teams. Dean also has a sports blog that covers mostly Houston teams, but covers sports anywhere.

Dean plans on working for a sports radio or t.v. station or in the front-office of a sports team. Dean's dream would be to work for ESPN in the near future. Dean would love to stay in Houston, but will venture anywhere to get his career off and going in the right direction.

Dean Garcia Photo by Rick Bisceglia

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