Sunday, September 28, 2014

Christopher Garza a Jack of all trades

As Christopher Garza's college career finally meets its end, he can sit back with a cup of jasmine tea and marvel at the  progress he has made. 

In 2010, he graduated from Cypress Woods high school and left to join Texas State University; two degree changes later, this 22 year-old stargazer can now call himself a pianist, cyclist, and blogger as well. He knows how to appreciate a good book, hike, and long-distance run, and if you happen to catch a starry night with him, he'll know those constellations better than the freckles on his face. 

He is a senior at Texas State, but come Fall 2015, this jack-of-all-trades is walking off with a diploma in his hands, and the advertising world won't know what hit it. He plans to find a job with an advertisement firm, but has hopes of staying in school so that he make get his masters in Advertising. A degree that would set him far above the rest of his peers. 

He tries to find motivation for his school life, daily routines, and short term goals by meditating over the obstacles he faces. That way he can put his life in a different perspective. A key trait that any individual should posess if they want to succeed in the business of advertisement. You must be able to put things objectively, and keep moving forward. 

Christophe Garza  Photo by BRANDON EWERZ

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