Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bobcat Promotions travels to New York

By Imani McGarrell

SAN MARCOS-Bobcat Promotions will take their first group trip to New York City, NY to learn more about different aspects of the public relations field.

Chuck Kaufman, senior lecturer and faculty adviser for Bobcat Promotions, said that the only destination the group considered for the trip was New York. Getting to experience a city with such a big platform for public relations will be a new experience for many students, he said.

"Many students haven't ever left Texas," Kaufman said. "We hope that everyone will really be soaking up the whole experience."

Bobcat Promotions is a student-run organization on campus that offers real life opportunities for a variety of majors. Students work individually and together on a variety of tasks including running social media accounts, blogging and making pitches to clients.

Students get hands on experience with actual paying clients and that slice of the real world teaches them personal accountability and responsibility, Kaufman said.

Eligibility for the trip is limited to juniors and seniors that have been members of Bobcat Promotions for at least a year.

"We don't want this to be a club where people join for the cool trip and then leave after," Kaufman said. "We want to reward the students that stick around."

The 19 students that expressed interest in the trip will be able to visit the Ogilvy PR Firm in addition to meeting with the Public Relations Vice President of the New York Mets. The group will also get to attend the daily briefing of the United Nations with the Deputy Communications Director Stephane Dujarric.

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