Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bobcat Promotions heads to New York

SAN MARCOS - Bobcat Promotion's first senior trip will take place January in New York City, giving students the ability to gain experience in the field of mass communication.

The organization Bobcat Promotions is a public relations firm which specializes in providing media strategy services to clients in the San Marcos area.  Founded at Texas State University in 2006, Bobcat Promotions is student run and led with a focus on preparing students for work outside of college.

The trip to New York City will be the first student trip taken by the organization and will focus on providing students with a foundation of real world experience. Senior Adviser Chuck Kaufman advised that students should seize the opportunity to gain knowledge.

"There are many things I want the students to get out of it, I think the meetings themselves will be terrific," Kaufman said.  "It will be eye opening in that we will be visiting many different fields of media and public relations."

The trip, which will take place in the beginning of January, will consist of predominantly junior and senior students who are a part of Bobcat Promotions and seeking internships.

"So far we have 18 or 19 who have expressed interest and we are looking to take 15 or 16," Kaufman said.  "The vision here is to take senior level participants of Bobcat Promotions, who are looking for internships and jobs."

Bobcat Promotions is planning to continue the trip next year in order for underclassmen to gain valuable information in the field of mass communication.

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