Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rise in enrollment makes parking issue worse

By: Kelsey Daubner
Texas State Student

SAN MARCOS - Texas State University sets another school record for the amount of new students attending, leaving the university with fewer available parking spots than ever before.
 President Denise M. Trauth said that because a large number of students decide to come to Texas State she feels accomplished and gratified according to a university press release on Sept. 16, 2013.
“This new high in student enrollment demonstrates that Texas State continues to be a leading university in the state, and that students and their families recognize our institution offers both an outstanding educational experience as well as an exceptional value,” Trauth said.
Yet, this rapid increase in the amount of enrolled new students serves as a large factor in the lack of available parking on the campus.
"There is never a parking spot, ever. Everytime I am looking for one there is never one to be found,” sophomore public relations major Greg Arguello said. “I would like to have a parking spot when I come to campus.”
Many students find that there are not enough parking lots and garages to accommodate the large number of people that park on campus.
Destiny King, 20, bought a parking permit last year and never plans to buy one again.
“When I had a parking permit I would never drive to class because parking is always so unpredictable,” King said.
A large part of the parking issue is due to the competition between commuters needing parking spots when driving to school and students living on campus who need garages to store their cars.
Freshman Rachel Green is living on campus. She bought a commuter pass to park on campus instead of a residence hall pass, yet the only suitable garages for her pass are the ones farthest from campus in spots that are meant for commuters.
 “It’s pretty bad for the commuters too though because their trying to get a spot and that can make them late to classes and they also still have to walk,” she said.
Besides having to find an available space for their cars, many students said that the price of the parking permits is unreasonable when compared to the availability of parking on campus.
“The prices of those things are too high for the few spots they have on campus,” sophomore Casey Robinson said.
The university buses are taken by many students as an alternative to driving a car and struggling to find a parking spot when getting to campus. Many students believe that using the bus as an alternative is not ideal due to overcrowding, traffic, and unreliability.
Robinson said that because she has to take the bus she is continually late to her classes.
“The buses are very crowded,” she said. “There aren’t enough that go around so I’m late for class almost all the time even if I go out to the bus stop early.”
With a few changes the university can fix the parking issue.
One issue the university faces is the lack of space to build more garages. The increase in the student population is causing an influx in class sizes and need for more buildings which in return leaves no room for parking garages.
“I think that they need to get rid of the paid parking garages; people should be able to park there with a permit and not pay extra,” King said.
King said that the bus system should also do some re-evaluating to make itself a better alternative for students.
“And I think there could be more bus routes so that students who don't live near one can ride the bus to without having to park on campus.” She said.
Parking Services is aware of the parking dilemma on campus and has addressed the issue in the current campus master plan, which is a plan that plans for improvements on the Texas State campus.

As a result of the discussions of the campus master plan, it was determined that several additional garages must be built on the campus within the next 10 years.”
Parking Services plans on minimizing the amount of vehicles that travel to campus on a daily basis and building more parking garages on campus in hopes of ending this parking issue.

Contact Parking Services with any suggestions or concerns at 512.245.2887 or by e-mail at

Greg Arguello – 20, sophomore,
Destiny King –  20, junior
Rachel Green – 18, freshman
Casey Robinson – 19, sophomore,
Parking Services -
University Press Release –

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