Thursday, February 20, 2014

Diverse Sources: Rebecca Swaim

By Trevor Smith

Name: Rebecca Swaim
Age: 22 Years Old
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
From Georgetown
Barista at Mochas and Javas

What do you think about the growth in number of students?

Um… I think it’s a good thing. For San Marcos and the school too. Because its just growing; that’s good. I think its bigger than Tech now. So that’s impressive.

But it is going to change the town a lot, which there will be good and bad aspects to that I think.

How long have you lived in San Marcos?

Um… three years??? Three years. I transferred here from a smaller school in West Texas. So… this school is way way bigger than the school I used to go to. 

Do you think that affected you in any way in the type of classes that you took or even getting into classes?

Yeah…um…whenever I… I used to go to Angelo State in San Angelo and I didn’t know what anthropology was and I dated a guy that went to school here and he called me and he was like, “You need to take a look into anthropology because I think you’d really like it.” They didn’t even offer it at my school.

Oh wow!

Yeah so I transferred here and I took one class and totally just was like this is going to be my major.

You moved from a smaller school? Was the school’s population size a reason you moved here?

Yes, and I’m kind of from this area. Um… I’m from Georgetown, which is like an hour from here. I don’t care not being familiar with an area, like living in an unfamiliar place, but the culture here is a lot more open and way different. Yeah, West Texas; completely different. I don’t know if y’all have ever been there.

Would you say that because this is a big school that that helps you get into finding the job you’ve always wanted to do?

For sure. I do think that is a good thing, like that they have so many options here. I don’t know if they’re going to make more like majors or whatever. I don’t know if they’re going to develop more areas of study here just because the school’s growing, but if that does happen that’s obviously a good thing. Um… I would imagine they would.

Have you seen any problem with traffic or parking?

Um… traffic sucks obviously. I think we all can agree. It has to do with all the students coming in, but this is the fastest growing area in the country, so I think regardless of the school growing, there is going to be traffic and the construction’s making it worse. It’s going to be a mess for like ten years. They’re just playing catch-up right now.

And parking-wise, I um… I used to live in an apartment when I first moved here over near the Heights II, so I rode the bus so parking wasn’t really a problem. The bus sucks, but whatever. Then I started living at a house over here [N. LBJ] so I had to drive and park up here and walk. And that was a really annoying thing to do. And then the people in the neighborhood started getting pissed off because there were students parking everywhere. Now there’s all these restrictions up there now. So that was annoying. I tried riding my bike but it was too far. I never bought a parking pass here. I won’t, there too expensive.

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