Thursday, February 20, 2014

Diverse Source by: Jordan McFeders

Quotes collected by: Jordan McFeders
Source: Zuleima Rodriquez
Identifying information about the source:  Zuleima Rodriquez, junior, Hispanic,

How do you get to campus?
"On the bus. From Blanco River."

Is there any particular reason you don't drive?
"No I used to drive to Bobcat Stadium.But I wrecked my car and totaled it so I don't have a sticker anymore. So now I have to take it from Blanco River."

Do you think the large enrollment has affected parking?
"DEFINITELY, we don't have anywhere to park. Even when I had the pass there was nowhere to park, so I had to go to Bobcat Stadium.

Do you think the university should continue to grow? Considering all of that?
"It should always continue to grow."

It would probably make it even worse for parking don't you think?
"Yeah, I mean but look at UT. Like, an area that's like already so surrounded yet they still have parking ya know?

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