Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Partner Interview.

Carolina Canales- PR major.
 By Ryan Calvert
 Writing for Mass Media Studen
 San Marcos-Carolina Canales is a 21 year old junior attending Texas state University in San Marcos, Texas. She is a Public Relations major with a minor in Sociology and has been attending Texas State for a year. She is a transfer student from Laredo community college. Carolina grew up in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. She grew up not far from the Texas border town of Laredo where Carolina commuted to and attended private school as a child. She has fond memories of growing up in Nuevo Laredo as a child. Her cousins, that she was very close with, lived next door to her.  She was able to spend a lot of time with family and play with kids around her age. Carolina’s family consist of her Father Miguel, who attended military school, her mother Laura and her older brothers Manuel & Miguel. Her parents have been together for Thirty Five years. Her brothers are fellow bobcat alumni which was a contributing factor along with the mass communications program here that led Carolina to attending Texas State. She aspires to find a career in public relations with a company like Sony, Comcast, or Viacom as she would like to work for something in the entertainment industry.

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